Quality wine with the adjective SEROTINOUS COLLECTION

Exclusive wine rank N.O. 71G1-18/23-11/2017 awarded GOLD medail INTERNATIONAL WINE CHALLENGE St. Moritz 2019

Golden dry wine with typical varietal aroma and taste of tropical fruit with tones of citruses. We recommend to serve it at 8-10°C and it really goes well with seafood, fish or poultry meat. The main characteristic s of this out standing wine will pleasevaluers and wine-lovers who like to enjoy delicious first-class chardonnay.

Our vintage wines haven´t contain any chemical additives and comes fromorganic vineyard. 

Wine from Czech Republic, wine region MORAVA, sub-region VELKOPAVLOVICKÁ, village Přítluky, wineyardtrack Přítlucká hora

Bottle capacity 0,75L, Alc. 12,0%